September 2, 2009

More Traveling?!?!

(Caution: the photos uploaded backwards... just work with me on this one!!)

You know me, I can't stay put for too long!! As if traveling for almost 2 months this summer wasn't enough, I've already been on 3 trips since being home (in between closing on the sale of my house, moving to a new apartment, interview for a new job, registering for grad classes). The first was the first weekend I was hope to Noel, Missouri for a float trip (see previous post).

Tommy's 21st birthday was at the end of August. I thought that sounded like the perfect excuse to hop on a plane and visit my Georgetown friends. I left on Friday, August 28th for DC!

I'm slightly in love with this GIANT green chair. Naturally, I made Kevin take a series of photos of Jo and I on the chair... and then I couldn't get down :)

REUNION!!!!!!! Oh ya, Happy 21st Tommy!!

Jo was so excited when I made her do fun tourist things around DC on Saturday afternoon

I forgot how beautiful DC was!

Jo and I posing... What you don't see if the creepy Brazilian that wanted his photo taken with us for taking our photo..

How could I forget that Jo likes to document my "creeper" moments. And my creeper count was only 4 for the entire weekend... Thanks guy! :)

I live there..

View of DC from the Washington Memorial

Camera set up in the Washington to film Ted Kennedy's funeral procession
I kept saying I needed to get out in Indiana before school/work got too busy. I had my graduate orientation on Wednesday, August 19th. Orientation got over at 8 PM.... and I called Sarah up and told her I was on my way (Yup, I started a 450 mile, 8 hour roadtrip at 8PM.. not considering it was 9PM in Indiana). With the help to several friends that entertained me on the phone.. I arrived at Sarah's a little past 4 AM. I spent all day with Sarah on Thursday doing our usual shopping and pedicure routine. I stopped by my grandma's that evening for her typical "Happy Hour" (Yup, she's a baller) before heading back to Sarah's house. We had plans to go hit the college town specials to catch up with old friends. I love visiting Indiana and seeing everyone!!! On Friday, Sarah and I had lunch with my grandma before doind a little (uh huh.. little?) bit more shopping. I stopped by my grandma's Friday evening to show off my pictures before heading up to Greenwood to see Mandy, Chris, and the boys. We had a low key Friday, playing games and chilling in the hot tub. On Saturday, I went to watch Jake's first flag football game. I seriously love the innocence of sports at the age of 6!! Our little MVP scored 3 touchdowns!! Mandy and I decided to head to the outlet mall Saturday afternoon (notice a trend of what I do in Indy!?!). On Saturday night, we built a bonfire and sat around hanging out. I love my time with the Becherts and they are one main reason I would consider going back to Indy some day!

Two of my favorite boys in the entire world!!

Mandy and I
I had brunch with Jeanie and her crew on Sunday morning before meeting Sarah and her parents for lunch. Sadly, I headed back to Kansas City Sunday night (just in time to start work and school on Monday!!). I might have taken a little break in St. Louis to see Ian!!
The travel continues!!
August 19-23: Indiana
August 28-30: Washington DC
September 4-8: VEGAS
September 25-27: Huntington Beach, CA
October 2-5: Austin, TX
More stories to come :)

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